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In 2013, Ferdous El-Hikma Company was founded with the goal of becoming the leading healthcare distributor in Libya. we invested in the best infrastructure, systems and people so that our partners and customers were guaranteed the most modern facilities possible.

Ferdous El-Hikma company specialized and offers a wide range of healthcare products ,solutions and services in Libya . In the field of distribution representing several multinational pharmaceutical, medical, laboratory and dermocosmetic companies, we have quickly established the standards for the excellence in our field.


Headquartered in Tripoli city, the capital of state of Libya. the company has offices and warehousing facilities in Tripoli and Benghazi cities mainly to build and maintain strong relationships with all the relevant institutions such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories and pharmacies.

We believe in creating lasting relationships with our staff, partners and customers, building relationships based on honesty and trust, relationships that flourish continuously. It’s what motivates us to constantly find new ways to exceed the expectations of our partners and customers finding ever better ways of building stronger relationships with them.

Over time, we started achieving our goals, and our partners and customers base grew. we realized that in order to maintain our position as one of the leading companies in this field with continuous expansion in the region, we need to do more than just providing the best facilities. we should understand our partners and customers better, listen to them, talk openly, work with them closely and continuously reinvest in our distribution and logistics network to reach the success in business and health.

MD’s Message

Welcome to Ferdous El-Hikma company, where we invite you to learn about who we are, how we serve our broad base of healthcare providers and what we stand for.

Today, in our short history, we gained a strong reputation in the field. we are considered a desired destination for the companies to represent their products in the Libyan healthcare market.

Our focus is not just pharmaceutical and medical transactions but also customer services and added values that after all, is how to set ourselves apart from the competitors. we work closely with our suppliers and customers to initiate and grow new markets that we can benefit mutually from the new opportunities. Accuracy and reliability of the services is fundamental to Ferdous El-Hikma company distribution success. the company expert team and the highly sophisticated systems ensure that the exacting standards of healthcare supply are met perfectly.

Our goal is to continue expanding our product portfolios, working together toward the healthcare solutions. Key relationships and deep market knowledge can combine our unique resources to create results of importance.

We are proud to represent innovative partners that they are not only involved in treating patients symptoms and illnesses, but also maintain and improve their quality of life. we cover the patients needs all round and ensure that the best healthcare is readily and available.

We envisage a great future for Ferdous El-Hikma company to become a world class distributor of healthcare. we strive to be at the forefront to improve the people health through simplicity and innovation.

With Kind regards,

Managing DirectorAli Rahuma

Our Mission

To provide a highly specialized and comprehensive range of services that includes marketing, sales and distribution for world class companies offering high-quality pharmaceutical, medical and laboratory products

We aim to achieve this by setting the highest standards in registering , marketing and distributing quality and innovative healthcare products and services .

Our Values

We believe in making difference and proud of the contribution we make to the well-being of the Libyan’s healthcare system, and delivering products and services that help our people look and feel their best . our core values are:

Includes respect, understanding and working together. we create and build value through partnerships and alliances, inside and outside the business together we can achieve more .

The essence of the way we do business, we are trusted because we keep on our words.

We are proud of being lean and efficient, uncomplicated and easy to do business with our partners.


To become a leadership company in the healthcare sector in the MENA region and worldwide recognized by the institutions and the communities, as a key service provider for the pharmaceutical, medical and laboratory products, complementing our country’s efforts to ensure improved healthcare delivery to our community and people.