Our Business


Our seamless solution ensures that the pharmaceutical products are delivered to the right patient at the right time for the right treatment. The pharmaceutical division of Ferdous El-Hikma distributes and sells branded and generic products used to treat diseases and conditions across a variety of therapeutic areas including cardiovascular, respiratory, infectious diseases, metabolism, auto-immunity, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, dermatology, rheumatology, nephrology and transplantation.


The pharmaceutical division distributes a wide range of drugs from leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, the division serves hospitals, pharmacies and healthcare centers across the country through an effective distribution network that ensures on time product deliveries. with the strong presence in the market, Ferdous El-Hikma reaches and covers most of the private pharmacies, private hospitals, governmental hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

The division also supports physicians and pharmacists by providing information on the new products to be launched in the Libyan market . we have trained our working team to be well trained medical and sale representatives with complete knowledge of the product lines they handle so they can carry out effective market sale activities.

The division arranges the transaction with our pharmaceutical partners from product registration and pricing by the ministry of health, ordering and stock management, tender quotations and medical representative support services and customer relations.

OTC & Dermocosmetics

The OTC & Dermocosmetics division offers healthcare professionals, beauticians and nutritionists the skincare products that provide a more medical approach from other cosmetic skincare products, dental products ensuring optimal oral health care, smile after smile and food supplements provide optimum nutritional requirements.

This is why these are usually found exclusively in pharmacies, and are highly recommended by dermatologists, beauticians, dentists and nutritionist.

With leading brands like Nutriben, Medela, Elifexir, Sensilis, Cumlaude and TePe as part of our portfolio, Ferdous El Hikma, LLC is proud to say that we deliver the very best in skincare for people of all ages, skin types, and lifestyles in the Libyan markets.

Medical & Laboratory

Ferdous El-Hikma Medical & Laboratory Divisions offer products and services as complete solutions to hospitals and doctors to help them in growing and improving the quality of medical services in the Libyan healthcare sector . we offer products from many companies around the world to provide our customers with the best quality products along with the best services possible. as a provider of specialist medical and scientific healthcare products and services, we are in a continuous search for new technologies and innovations that would complete our product portfolios and will support and assist to accelerate the advancement of the medical sector in Libya.


The medical & laboratory divisions represent international and companies in Libyan market, providing a different product lines such as hospital furniture, diagnostic medical Imaging, surgical, anesthesia, ICU, cardiology, respiratory care management, orthopedic , Physiotherapy and others.

Ferdous El-Hikma company gives the promises to its customers in two folds. for the suppliers we promise that we will promote, distribute and manage their brands as if they were our own and we will do so as their partner, always adding value to what we do. for the healthcare professionals we work with them, we promise that they will receive our expert service and support to achieve the very best outcomes for their patients .

To complete our solutions and provide our customers and consequently patients with reliable and excellent service, Ferdous El-Hikma medical & laboratory division developed the SMU: Service and Maintenance Unit to offer safeguarding to current unit under warranty and service contracts to the medical equipments with warranty in the market. our dedicated team of highly trained and efficient engineers, in collaboration with the engineers from the manufacturing companies, offer the installation, training and maintenance services and visits to our customers. This medical team is a group of dedicated highly trained and efficient sale and after sale services people who work closely with the healthcare professionals to reach with the medical care into the excellence.