One of the major strengths of Ferdous El-Hikma in the market is its investment in its sales force. Our sales force is active well known in the market and is reaching to all our customers in Libya .

The sales team has well trained representatives with complete knowledge of the product lines they handle, so as to carry it out effective in market sales activities. Delivery system is connected to department of finance, so the deliveries are made on daily bases in temperature controlled vehicles. The existing sales force comprise of more than 20 qualified representative, which are proportionately distributed throughout the country. Customer stock levels are constantly monitored, new orders are obtained, high quality services are provided and an excellent customer relationship is maintained. A steady growth in sales to be maintained with continuous evaluation on our market shares in all pharmaceutical and medical categories we are covering. As part of our business growth, we are aimed at advocating and pursue new companies to add in our existing range, which will work appropriately in the Libyan market.